EV Charging Technology?

Our designers began developing EV charging technology in 2006 - and lithium-ion battery technology over a decade earlier. We have been working on the forefront of the technology ever since. Our design experts have previously worked on electric vehicle developments, rapid charging technology, machine learning, battery storage, peak shaving and battery swap systems.

eVc PowerTech has been formed to bring together these experts to develop the next generation of EV charging technology: solutions that resolve the problems with existing EV chargers and creating fast, expandable, future-proof systems that have a ten to fifteen year lifespan and can typically provide real-world payback in around three to five years.

Unlike every other chargepoint manufacturer, we specialise in creating hub charging solutions. Solutions for charging five or more electric vehicles at the same time, whether low speed AC charging for overnight charges, or ultra-rapid charging at 1MW or more.

This gives us advantages that no-one else can offer. Like the ability to charge an EV from flat-to-full in just six minutes. As battery technology improves and new EVs arrive with ever faster charging speeds, our EV chargers can continue deliver well beyond all our competitors.

Unlike every other chargepoint manufacturer, we start by creating a centralised power system that then splits the power out to the individual charging points. This gives us far more efficient power management, allowing more vehicles to be charged at the same time at their optimum speed. It also makes our system far more expandable, allowing our customers to start small and grow their systems, increasing charge speeds and charging points in the future to match demand.

Our system is rapid to deploy, and can be relocated in the future. To support expansion, batteries can be added to reduce the reliance on the grid and our unique machine-learning system can reduce overall energy demand at peak periods during the day to maximise the number of vehicles that can charge at the same time.

To find out more about our technology and our products, follow the links on the right hand side. Or give us a call today and find out how we can help you with your EV charging requirements.

“I designed my first EV charging system in 2006. Since then, I've developed home EV chargers, mobile EV chargers, battery backed EV chargers, battery swap stations and rapid EV charging hubs. This is my ninth generation EV charging system. It's the fastest, most future-proof, most flexible and most cost effective rapid hub charging solution available in the world today.”
- Michael Boxwell, Chief Executive Officer