Public electric vehicle charging

PowerTech DC

EV charging hub for motorway charging, large fleets and commercial vehicles

PowerTech DC is our solution for ultra-high power delivery for cars, trucks, buses. Comprising of a multi-megawatt core and patent-pending power distribution, PowerTech DC is the most powerful EV charger on the planet, capable of delivering megawatt plus of power to multiple electric vehicles at the same time.

Yet power delivery is only part of the equation. PowerTech DC is a modular charging system that allows you to start small, then grow with demand. Meanwhile, the system streamlines power management, optimises charge times for each vehicle and provides consistency of power delivery.

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Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

PowerTech MiniHub

EV charging for on-street charging, car parks, apartment blocks, shopping centres, workplaces, small fleets and car dealerships

PowerTech MiniHub was conceived as the perfect solution for street-side and car park EV charging. Designed for charging five to twenty-five vehicles at the same time with a combination of AC and DC charging, MiniHub can typically replace a two-bay AC charging unit without needing to upgrade the power supply.

With AC charge rates of up to 22kW and DC charge rates of either 30kW or 60kW, PowerTech MiniHub is the perfect solution for providing a relatively large number of charging points on a limited budget where power is restricted.

For electric vehicles to move into the mainstream, one or two charging points on a street corner isn't the answer - they do more harm than good. The solution is an EV charging hub infrastructure for between five and fifty charging points on streets, in car parks and on major routes. In this environment, eVc PowerTech has the best solutions on offer today.