Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

Too many electric vehicle fleet operators have found themselves running their business around their electric vehicles, not the other way around. The key to unlocking the potential of electric vehicles is to get your charging right. Site wide power management, boosting available grid power with batteries and a combination of rapid and overnight charging can streamline your operation and get you back on track with running your business, not running your fleet.

Electric Bus charging

Electric Bus and HGV solutions

Implementing the charging infrastructure for an electric bus and HGV fleet no longer is an insurmountable problem. Combining our central charger with battery storage, we can quadruple the number of buses you can charge in one go. And with a system that can charge each vehicle at 400kW with future upgrades to 1MW, we can charge your vehicles faster than any other solution today.

Public electric vehicle charging

Public Charging Systems

Rapid charging for more than one or two vehicles creates its own headaches: insufficient power from the grid, managing the individual charging stations and performance issues. Sounds familiar? By centralising the charger, we streamline power management, optimise charge times for each vehicle and provide consistency of power delivery. We also make it easy to upgrade your site as demand grows, with battery storage, more charging points or faster charging.

Electric Taxi Charging

Implementing rapid electric taxi charging is of key importance for councils looking to decarbonise their cities. Our centralised charger with battery storage allows you to install multiple rapid chargers anywhere, and grow the system in the future. And with rapid deployment and the option for a movable solution, you can make sure there is always the power you need, where you need it.

With 1MW ready charging, upgradable architecture, optional battery storage and patent-pending power management, our rapid electric vehicle charging solutions can provide you with a future-proof solution like no other.